Redemption in Six Strings

Delta Digital News Service

By Christine Miyawa
Delta Digital News Service

POCAHONTAS, Ark. — Prison can make or break a person. It’s said some enter soft as silk but exit hard as nails. But the same cannot be said about a man who, after 12 years behind bars, has become a beacon of hope to many.

Time behind bars may have worked a number on Cameron Todd’s physical appearance, but behind the physique lies a heart of gold.

“Back in the days when he ran a martial-arts school called the Blue Dragon, he was all muscles and abs. He had tried to recruit me to join the school, but I had already enrolled in another,” said Jason Cummins, Todd’s former neighbor.

With a Dan rank (i.e. black belt) in martial arts among his accolades, one would not expect any less. Todd, 50, said he’s not worried about getting those six-pack abs back, but he’s slowly…

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How do I make money from photography?

Nick Dale

Adelie penguin jumping between two ice floes

The obvious question for a lot of amateur photographers is ‘How do I make money from photography?’ The answer, unfortunately, is that I don’t know. All I can do is tell you what I’ve done and give you a few ideas. I’m still learning the business after just four years, but my approach has always been to knock on as many doors as possible, whether it’s microstock, exhibitions, competitions, lessons or even talks. Every source of revenue has its part to play, and it’s just a question of working out where to focus your efforts. I make just under half my money from microstock/stock agencies and half from exhibitions, but everybody’s different.

Nick Dale Photography

I loved photography when I was a teenager. I bought (or was given) books on Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Ansel Adams and other great photographers, and I even bought myself an old Chinon CE-4 film…

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Don’t Count Your Money While Sitting at The Table.

Narrative Essay. ENG1003 Prof.Beasley

The entire time I had worked at the Casino this was probably the luckiest day of my life. At least it seemed that way, for a while…but let’s just say it did not last very long because of the events that followed right after. See, my salary wasn’t much, but nothing could compare with the tips that came my way. Sometimes I thought it was because I was pretty, or was it because of my personality that the gamblers thought to tip me more, perhaps they were all just being kind, or maybe they hoped I would steal for them the secret of the game, so they could make more money, but for all the reasons in the world, one was clear; They were losers. The excitement of winning large sums of money by pressing a button or a simple spin on a Roulette game on a minimum bet was thrilling. In my opinion most of the gamblers I would say experienced temporary insanity until they head back to the slot machines or the table games and lose it all. I’ve always wondered why they stayed on around the Casino after winning, why they never just take their win and dash off. Could it be some supernatural pull that keeps them in or is it just pure greed?

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Open Letter to the President of Kenya

 Argumentative Essay–ENG.1003, For Professor Beasley

Recently while watching Kenya’s election update on its local KTN television station via Youtube, I came across a documentary that was alarming. That night, I was so disturbed that I woke up during the night feeling helpless about it. A foreign organization CMMYT in conjunction with KALRO (Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization) was in the initial stages of introducing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) in Kenya.1 “Just worrying about it will not help,” I thought.  So, I came up with an Idea to write an open letter to the president of Kenya, persuading him to stop this trial.

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Questioning the Media

Chapter Bubble on Page 349. Chapter 13.

The issue about whether it is OK, for the government to continue regulating broadcast content while the public can access huge information online is like two sides of a coin; you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.Take for example, if a media house runs a story of a shooting, and shows only the location of the shooting, but does not show the pictures of the people shot perhaps because they are too graphic, or refrains from mentioning the shooters name, then, an individual who probably witnessed or took pictures, decides to post the graphic pictures online and the name of the suspect, this is bound to go viral, and when it does, It can be misconstrued that the media is trying to cover something by failling to give all the details.

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MJiii: incognito

Nice piece. “A healthy balance ” sounds more like it. I agree.

Kirsty Venter

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the living room, not a single phone was to be touched, not a TV to be switched on, not even a page to be turned. This was to be the start of 24 hours without media consumption… I was staying with an old teammate of mine from Boise State who now lives with her boyfriend in Plantation, Florida. I had been telling her of this assignment and how she would have to be in control of my Snapchat in order to keep my ‘streaks,’ going which are very, very important when you have friends across the world and sending letters doesn’t really cut it in communicating. I thought going 24 hours without media would be much easier than it actually was. At 9pm I sent my last messages and goodbyes to the world as I switched my phone off, made sure the…

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Media Journal iii

Noah Patton

24 hours.  Doesn’t sound all that long in perspective does it? 24 hours without media, a phrase that could nearly kill a millennial. I accepted the challenge to take the day off from media and see how I would do.  In replace of media, I spent a good 12 hours  of my day asleep.  I went on to make breakfast and had to ask my parents to turn off the TV. Let’s just say Dad wasn’t all that fond of the idea so I sat outside on the balcony and ate breakfast while watching the ocean.  Being by the beach on a media free day does have its advantages.  I spend up until the sunset sitting on the beach with my friends from Alabama talking, drinking, and reconnecting. There were many times throughout the day that I would reach for my phone to check it, realize it’s not there, and go…

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MJIII. Life Without Media.

A day without media was not unusual for me as I had expected. I realized that there is a lot more on my plate that takes my time, such that when I am done, all I want is to roll up on my bed and sleep.

On my media free day, I woke up two hours later than my usual time and began house chores: cleaning the house, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, preparing breakfast, giving my baby a bath, feeding him, then back to dishes again, Ironing clothes, and then did my online grammar class. After the class, I went shopping for groceries. When I came back I embarked on preparation for lunch and later dinner and repeated some of the chores I did that morning till it was time for bed. It was very difficult trying not to look at the billboards on my way to the supermarket.

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